It occurred to me that since I began doing the blog, I have been diligent in  not reading other blogs or basically not allowing myself to get lost in others works. Not because I don’t like competition but more because I didn’t want to unconsciously use someone’s work.  Knowing myself and knowing that I have felt unprepared to take on such an assignment, I thought it best.

As you know, I didn’t know the first thing in blogging when I started nor had I even read many blogs.  Lately, though, as I feel a bit more confident, I have begun to look at other blogs and kind of compare myself to them.  I have been curious as to what people feel compelled to write about. Truthfully, I haven’t allowed myself much freedom as to really engage in the blogs, I don’t feel I am there yet.

However, there has been one blog in particular that has stayed in my head…the reason… this particular blog was about a homeschooling mom, who is a gifted writer, –basically she is the type of person that seems to have it all together. Anyway in her blog she states that even though all things look perfect on the outside, reality is it isn’t always so but basically whatever isn’t “perfect” will remain in her home.  Which is totally fine, kudos to her, I applaud her for that. However, it has got me thinking about this blog and I began to wonder if maybe I was being more of “downer”.  I mean, I don’t try to be perfect, my realistic imperfections are totally out there for all to see and whatever isn’t out there, can be.

As I thought about it, trying to decide if I should change my style…cuz who really wants to read about really normal stuff? Then I thought maybe really normal stuff is what people need to know? Letting people know they are not the only ones who think their going crazy, might just be my forte.

To you, I thank you for reading my extremely crazy normal stuff. I hope you continue to come here. Although I will apologize beforehand as I will have good and bad days and you will see it in my writing. Always remember “my better writing” is written only when I allow the Holy Spirit complete control ( and I still fight).

God brings us together in all our imperfections, may we remember that we are “perfectly flawed human beings”* and it is in embrace those imperfections that we become family. Thank you God for Your perfection and Your Love which will make us perfect.

* I’ve been watching October Baby 

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