When you have those days that you realize just how blessed you are, do you remember who is blessing you?

How many days do I wake up and trudge through the day allowing myself to be annoyed by the mess the children made, the undone chores, the “millions” of errands to run…the list goes on and on?

I have found that on the days that I pray before I get out of bed, I have a different perspective on what I see, I don’t always see the “un-done” rather I see the blessings that are my children, my home, and my husband. And, as of late, I have begun to say Novenas, (why, I am not sure) but on the days that I say the Novena before I get out of bed, I hear the laughter of my children, I feel the warmth of their innocent spirits, the touch of their love, and my heart is filled with a gratitude that has no words. Joy fills my body and even though the messes and chores are still there, I have more of a sense of peace.

I will be starting a new Novena, God-willing, May 1 and I will post it here if you would like to join me.

Allow the Lord to lead you in all you do.

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