Post-Pentecost Celebration

It has been a week since the celebration of Pentecost. My mind has been rushing with so many thoughts and I have had to struggle to put them in perspective. Sometimes, I get so excited that I begin to babble (I think I’ve said that before) so I have to take time to assess what is going on in my mind. Figuring out what is coming from the Holy Spirit and what is coming from me can be extremely hard (all the time).  I am preparing to share some of those thoughts with you and hope I can get them out in a somewhat coherent form.

Changes are coming and we can’t stop that.  This week has not only been filled with my rambling mind but I have been allowed to see some of the changes this country is facing and many are now in the mid stages.  I am the first to admit that I have lived my life (up until 3 years ago) in a la-te-da perspective of the world.  I enjoyed living my life without thinking about anyone else and just following the main lead, living without that lead is scary, but now I would not go back.  I am only sharing what is on my mind, not trying to change anyone. However, I do feel so much more at peace now than I ever did before and that is one thing I would love to share with anyone how would be willing to partake.

Open your heart and your mind to God and allow Him to guide you; guaranteed your perspective will change–for the better, every time.

Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding me each day, please bless all the people who are looking for you; guide them with your Love.




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