Pray for the Phoenix Priests

Opening up our hearts to God is sometimes the responsibility of our priest.

Jesus sent forth His Disciples, filled with the Holy Spirit, to go forth and bring others into the Light of God. Those first Disciples were basically priest and their job was to open the hearts of people to in order to allow the light of Christ to fill them.

Our priest are still trying to do that job. Yet, opening our hearts is very hard. Once our hearts are open we become vulnerable and too many fear being vulnerable. The desire for control is overwhelming  and takes first place in many lives. Control can be a bad thing  when we aren’t even sure what we want control of.  Control can lead to fear and fear can lead to making decisions which aren’t in our best interest. All we need do is to watch the news and we will see–control gone wrong. People hurting, killing, or abandoning each other for insignificant things. If giving up control would save lives, bring people together, or stop the hurt, would we be willing to do it?

Today, in our area, we find that two of our priest have been hurt by an individual(s) who “lost” control…who maybe had been hurt, or abandoned. He was in need of help, possibly financial and maybe desperate but what he didn’t realize is that coming into the house of God and stealing from the priest was not the way to take control over his life but rather had he come to the same house of God with his needs, had he given control to God in his situation—his life could have been amazing. Maybe not in monetary  wealth  but an abundance of spiritual wealth that might have gotten him past his troubles.

Please read and pray for the Phoenix Priests who were assaulted during a robbery. Also, pray for the person who committed the assault, may he find the strength to turn himself in, and find find the Light of God in him; that he may be willing to open his heart of the Holy Spirit.

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