Ready for the New Year?

We are getting to the end of this year, are we ready to begin next year?

I have mixed feelings.  Yes, I am done with this year and I am ready for a new start, however this year has been filled with amazing moments in which I know God has touched in my life.  I have seen HIS amazing grace, HIS heart warming Love, trusted in HIS guidance, and known what patience really is and because of these I am ready to start a new year.  I can’t wait to see God’s hands in my life in the coming year. I have no idea what HE has in store but I know that HE will push me, stretch me, love me in ways I can’t even imagine. I trust in God in all things. It has taken me a while to get here but I am here—for now.  I know that there will be times in which I would rather be in total control than to totally trust God yet I know HE will understand.

Prepare us, Lord, for the coming year. Help us to allow you complete control of our lives. Open our ears to hear Your words and fill us with your patience and love, that we may share them with all we come in contact.

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