Reality Check

Reality check, reminder, self analysis!!!

Wake up call!!

In retrospect, this should have been very clear to me—where have I been and more important—Who turned on the light!!!!  wait, who turned off the light?

Now, I see clearly….on the days where I allow myself to listen to God, follow God and Do what God has set out for me….I am MOST TRULY HAPPY

A happiness that has been eluding me for the a good part of my married life, dare I say? Happiness was a bit easier to achieve before marriage…in a time where I was solely responsible for myself…most of the time,  and that my decisions did not affect others so intimately nor did I have to achieve a balance with not only my spouse, but with my children, their school, and the society which enveloped us.

How can I maintain this happiness?  I wish it not to be a fleeting happiness but a firm, stable, reliable happiness.  I will surrender all of this to God, for He knows what stands in the way of my listening, doing, or being….and sometimes to be truly honest it is only me that is in the way.  Yep, me…





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