Really? Saints

Yep, one more day in the crazy world.  You think that is what the Saints use to say?  How many days before paradise, cuz I just can’t wait.  Could you imagine St. Francis saying that?

Our lives are so easy, what we face each day is nothing compared to the days of persecution of so many of the Saints.  Could you imagine, desiring with your whole heart and soul to be a priest, working hard to be a priest, finally becoming a priest and being willing and wanting to serve your flock with a great intensity, yet when the time finally gets here…you have to hide to be a priest, because if you don’t you will be killed. And not just killed by a simple firing squad (consider yourself lucky if that was your fate) but  outright tortured. How and why would you get the courage to go out in the open and pray, inspire, or give of yourself when your life has  a price tag.

I recently read about St. Felicity. She had seven sons whom she encouraged to be strong for their faith and in doing so stood strong for her faith as well. This is what I call a strong women, St. Felicity stood by and watched as each of her sons was put to death, and as each son–given the opportunity to escape death by simply agreeing to worship idol gods–gave their lives, of their own free will, to God, the one and only true God.

I don’t think I could ever do that, I would be so tempted to yell “Just say it” so you can live, but knowing that they might have lived a few more years or even twenty but that their souls would perish along with their bodies was not truly living, in the eyes of St. Felicity.  And if I am truly honest with myself, death here on earth would be great as long as my soul was accepted into heaven. Our paradise awaits for us.

I can’t wait for my paradise, I may not even know what that truly entails but whatever my mind can come up with, God will beat it by 1000x.

God, help us all work for our salvation and that of our children. Give us the strength  to good examples to our children that they will want to find their way to paradise and to You no matter the difficulties they may face. Bless all the families, Lord.

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