Rediscover Catholicism

Today was our first local meeting for the book club however it was not well attended. I am not disappointed, I know God will bring those that need to be here in His time.

I hope that some of you out there were able to get the book and maybe read at least the prologue. Matthew Kelly does a wonderful job of helping us to put ourselves in God’s place. As well as, helping us gain a pride in being Catholic and explaining to us how rich our Catholic community has (is) been and putting a great perspective on the mistakes made by a small percentage of our Priest or Religious.

I can honestly say, that I was never given any reason (maybe viable reason is better) to feel capable of defending my religion. I was not aware of how much the Catholic Church had accomplished, moreover the simply fact that we, the Catholic Community, were the first to start to take care of all people and their many needs.  As I read the pages, I felt a personal pride in what our ancestors had accomplished and shame that I did not know.

I hope that I hear from some of you.  In the coming weeks I am looking forward to hearing what your thoughts, comments, or feelings are as you read on.  I will be “talking” on chapter one next.  Please feel free to comment on whatever part of the book you feel called to share.

May God bless and guide you in all you do.

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