Having been fighting a bug of some sort which has left me very tired and causing me to get to bed at 7 , which for those of you moms out there know how easy that can be when you have a toddler, special needs, & just plain healthy children who don’t want to go to bed.

Try as I might, I was unable to get the rest that my body was craving, I at least was able to sit down, and “veg” out a little. In these “veg” out times, I was able to do a little reading nothing big, just some of those small books full of words of wisdom. A small book on our finances, listening to God, following His words of finance in the bible. Another book with regard to our womanly qualities and how God has made us in His likeness.

It is amazing the beauty some people are given to spread to others.  These authors who have allowed their visions to be set by God and put them onto paper so that we too can grow in the likeness of God. To learn to follow His words, which He has given us and yet, so many of us forget, ignore, put off reading the bible. There is so much wisdom in those pages and why do we put so little value in word written for us over 2000 years ago?

God, help us to know Your ways.  Help us to remember that You love us and want our happiness and have even given us the way to pure happiness and love in simple words, words we can seek and find, never changing and always perfectly in-line with our lives.

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