Am I ready to return?

Have I even been away?

Some of you might have noticed a decrease of blog entries and some may have not.  When I began blogging, I considered most of what I wrote to be guided by the Holy Spirit and some was just me making small talk, yet I felt obliged to blog in hopes of bringing people to the site. I felt, if I am being guided then these words must have some meaning for someone other than me. I  know I have lost some followers and gained others but the blog to me has never been about numbers. It has been something I have felt called to do.

That said, you will notice that I have written a great part of my pieces on fear and bombardment of daily life which leaves us unwilling to do what we have been called to do.  MY STRUGGLE–How do I get to the point where I am stronger than the fear and bombardment?  I have struggled with this for a while now and it is why my pieces have been so scattered.

I don’t have the answer!! Sometimes, I think if I where a nun maybe it would be easier (or you think) yet I have a friend who is a nun and she, too, struggles.  Many people whom I have come to know, some religious, others whom live devoutly Catholic lives also seem to struggle. Some are more forthcoming than others, but still the struggle is there.

Saint Claude de la Colombierie  wrote in 1677 (letter 100 of  The Spiritual Direction of Saint Claude de la Colombiere)

“The only secret to accomplishing your actions well is to do them only to please God and to avoid anxiety and discouragement at your faults: this comes merely from self-love, because you think more of yourself than of God; yet we should think only of Him.”

Last year, Saint Claude was my saint, lately I have been reading the above book and have found some answers in coming to terms with my struggle.  Though his writings  are from the  1600’s,  I am surprised how many are appropriate for our lives today. I shouldn’t be surprised, God’s words have no limit and are never dated.

Well, am I ready to return to a more consistent blog, or am I going to go the way of so many other Catholic sites which have come and gone? I can’t answer that. However, I do feel, at this point…that I feel guided to continue…for how long…only the Holy Spirit can answer that one.  I have seen that many others have felt called to follow the Holy Spirit and for some reason or another are no longer writing, blogging, or doing other endeavors…why does that happen? We will never know.  I can only hope that I find the strength in me to be constantly in the presence of the Holy Spirit and that I don’t let fear overtake the beauty of listening to Our Lord.

May God grant us the peace to follow Him in all that we do, may our eyes, ears, mouth, hands, and feet be ready to do His willing without fear.



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