Saint Walk

I received a sad request yesterday and it got me thinking.

The request, I will humbly pass on to you…please pray for the soul of a 14 year old girl who committed suicide. Her body was buried two days before Christmas, let us pray that her soul is able to rest soon as well.

In the past we have discussed how society is bringing our children down, the mere fact that temptations run rampant and our children are not given the authority to “fight” against it, not so much by parents as by their peers. Social media and bullying are going hand in hand at a rate that makes it harder to stop.  Our friend, the computer, has also turned out to be our enemy, in so many ways.

As I thought about the struggles this young girl (an exceptional student, beautiful by society, a “good girl” in many ways) must have faced, that even her parents were surprised to what extent she felt she had to go to “save” herself.   Their first suspicions went to bullying, but to what extent or why did she feel this was the only solution?  My thoughts went to how can we help all of our children?  What can we offer them that could help make them be strong enough to face every bully? What can we, parents, offer them that will make an intense difference in their lives?

Maybe, this isn’t a solution, and maybe this won’t make them bully-proof, but it is a start…my helping hand (just barely) is this….SAINTS.

With the local group I organize, we are going on our second year of doing what we call –A Saint Walk.  What we do is this, we pick out some Saints, put them in a “fishbowl”, pray over them, then people pick out a paper with a Saint name and that Saint is there Saint for the whole year. The idea is to get to know the Saint through research, reading, and most easily and plainly…praying to them, asking them for help even guidance. Many times the Saint themselves will make themselves known without much fuss, sometimes you just do things a little different or take on a new interest, just something simple like that. Then you come to find out that your Saint might have had that same interest.  What if by just knowing that you have a Saint on your side gives you the courage to go on? What if  you are able to turn to that Saint and “talk” to them like a friend?

As I said, we are going on our second “walk” and with our first walk, I have received some good comments. Some have even said that although they didn’t put much effort into it, they still felt reward by their Saints presence on occasion. And because of these comments, we have decided to continue. We will be having our first annual Family Picnic Party (2nd walk) where we will choose our Saints tomorrow. If you are interested and live in the area, you’ll find location information under our business heading, under events.  If you don’t live in the area but would still like to participate, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and we will pray for your Saint.




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