Self help

We are constantly looking to change ourselves to the picture society has created for us. We walk through any bookstore only to see rows of self help books asking us if we have enough self confidence to find the man of our dreams, make the money we desire, have a body to kill for, and the most important finding internal and everlasting peace.  Finding ways to not worry and be happy… is all very possible, but we must look in the right book. The best sell of all times, the Bible.

In the Bible we will find the answer to all of questions.  The Bible, unlike all the other self books, comes with it’s own guide.  Once you began to participate in the reading and listening to the Bible, your life will change…sometimes it may not be as you expected or dreamed…but the change that will overtake you is worth more than you can ever imagine.

The dreams that you will claim, will far exceed the most brilliant imagination. You are in for the ride of your life and are in the best hands. Give God your will and you will find true and honest peace, transform yourself into an amazing person filled with joy and watch how your self confidence is lifted when you don’t even realize it.

Holy Father, we seek YOU so many times without even knowing it, and YOU seek us, find us and heal us and we don’t even know it.  May we give to YOU our will and allow you to change us to the most amazing people we know.

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