Shut Down

I am not sure about you, but for me this government shut down thing is scary. We are a military family, my husband has willing served and given of himself to his country, along side many others who have committed their lives for our freedoms. I am very proud of him and his desire to stand behind our country. What I don’t understand is why our country is taking advantage of our soldiers and so many others who serve our country.  I know the word patriot doesn’t hold the same meaning it did 50 years ago but still there are many who still believe in committing to our freedoms and our country.

The men and women who serve our country deserve to be taken care of, now, in the future, and the past. Many have risked life and limb, literally. Shouldn’t that count for something.   The government, used to be the one thing you could count on to keep things running but somewhere, somehow it all got lost.

Now, people working for the government are kept in the lower middle class bracket, where they are pretty much living pay check to pay check….so now with this wonderful shut down, what are they going to do without a full or any paycheck?  They probably won’t even qualify for government assistance.  How will they be able to pay their rent, get food or meet their essentials.  Who will step up and help them?

In this “crisis” people can allow their emotions to take over. When that happens, we leave ourselves open to the many temptations around us, including the many negative emotions and temptations that lead to bad choices. Bad choices many times lead to anger, frustration, hatred, which in turn leads to turning away from God.

Please, heavenly Father, help all those who are facing these hard times be patient and not turn away or blame You.  You, who have their very best in mind. It will be hard and we will suffer but You will save us. We trust in You, every day and every hour. Stay close to us. Amen

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