Simple Saints

Guidance is what we must seek in order to align our everyday lives with those of the Saints.  Saints–simple, humble, human beings who felt the presence of God in their lives and craved for Him with each breath. We must seek to find His presence so that, we too, can be overtaken be the most simple desire—crave His presence.

Saints have had to fight the temptations, have faced anguish, have felt loneliness, have cried out to God in desperation, have given way to thoughts of desertion, have been overcome by grief — we are in great company.

We must not give up our fight simply because we are being bombarded, yet we must look unto the lives of the Saints for they too, faced our world & lived in our society. So full of evil. Where the devil has learned to camouflage himself to fit into even the “best” of humanness. Be aware and don’t be deceived into believe you are not a Saint.

Lord, we simple, humble human beings seek Your guidance in our society so full of evil, temptations, and bombardment. Make us stronger that we may see what we are truly doing. May we not be deceived, believing You will not forgive us.


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