Sinful nature

I am not trying to be a saint, I am simply a sinner!

Sin is the course of our earthly life.  We were not meant to be sinless, for we are born  with sin. It is our nature to rebel, look away from the beauty of God, make our own way in life.  However, it is through this sin, constantly arounds us, that we are to purify ourselves. We must see sin for what it is, and we must recognize ourselves as sinners in order to be worthy of our place in heaven.

What will you do with your sinful nature, how far will your sin lead you away from God. Will you see the err of your way in your teens, young adulthood, middle age, or old age. How long before you begin to make amends for all your sins?

We live and we learn, but we can’t bring others to the place where we stand. Each one must get there at their GOD GIVEN TIME, for HE alone knows when we must meet HIM.

We must pray for the many around us whom have given into their sins, allowed themselves to be swallowed by their sins, and have given into satan’s lies about who they were meant to be and allowed themselves to be made to feel worthless. IN GOD, WE ARE NEVER WORTHLESS!! WE MUST NEVER FORGET, HE SACRIFICED HIS LIFE FOR US!!!

May God touch the hearts and souls of those who have left HIM in their sinfulness. He awaits their return with open arms.  Pray, for the souls of those who did not believe they were loved and didn’t come home. May God bring them home with prayers from their loved ones.  Pray for humanity. God help us.

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