Slide Therapy–Phase II

In the local groups that I organize I am offering a “therapy” which I feel has helped my children and I wanted to offer this opportunity to anyone interested. Obviously, there are no guarantees and the fact is that I am not anything more than a mom, no therapist training or any training of any kind, however if you are interested contact me and I will send you the information.

I am bringing back Slide Therapy but now it’s packing a punch!  I will be including different areas to work on.  I invite you all to come out and play with us while we increase our bodies & minds. I really think you will really enjoy it.

I have included a piece of the original e-mail I had sent out when I offered to give those of you who are unfamiliar with slide therapy an idea. (Slide Therapy I)

This is a therapy based loosely on some books and cd’s that I have read/listen in order to help one of my children with their needs. I am not a therapist by any means, all I have to offer is the desire of a mother trying to find a way to help her child to grow as “normally” as possible. Sometimes as a parent of a special needs child (children) you just have to do “Something” because you don’t get the help or the results you need/want. I have been doing this for my child for about three weeks and in my mind have seen some slight changes in behavior and ability.  accomplish. ….meant to help children with many types of brain injuries or incompetencies such as Cerebral-palsied, Autistic, hyperactivity, Developmentally Delayed, Down’s Syndrome. However, it has also been linked to helping “normal” children develop at a higher, or in better terms, more adequate use of their intelligence. The way they look at it, if a 8 year old child who is “normal” is functioning at a average 8 yr old intelligence and a child who was born with an “injury” is taught and cared for in the appropriate manner and by age 8 is acting as “normal” 8 yr old, then what is wrong with the “normal” 8 year old?