Small Changes

I know that I am not the first to say and believe this “the devil confuses our minds; making what is evil, good and good, evil.”  It is a lot clearer to me know than ever before, it is in this struggle to find level ground that I realize that  level ground has been so far removed from me.

When we think about our daily lives in the normal societal way, most of us wouldn’t find anything too wrong. We keep up with trends, we are sure to watch our kids and the many different areas in which they may be participate in, keep an eye on the shows they watch, their friends, what comes across the internet, etc… However, we have been fooled into feeling “safe”. (Say what?) If you noticed, slight changes have been made in our lives and even when we don’t agree with them, we are only outraged for a little while and then we accept those changes because we figure we can’t do anything to change it, we must accept it.  A few examples, some dirty words on tv–offended– oh well that is life. Now a lot of nudity and innuendo of sexual nature, which has lead to innocent looking up of information on the internet and being hit with ads of explicit nature. Have we allowed ourselves to be hit with these changes in our lives which have made it harder on our children.

Our poor innocent children, are not so innocent.   Remember your childhood and compare it to today’s standard.  I heard recently that there is a great number of young pre adolescence being diagnosed with severe depression and suicide rates in teens is at all time high. Have we created this environment for our children just by doing nothing simply accepting what is “out of our control”, by not being strong enough to stand up for what is right, by thinking “oh well, I guess that is the way it is and we just have to accept it.”  Think about the many things around you that you don’t necessarily agree with but would not say anything or do anything about. Maybe it is your friend’s choices in how she lives her life, the amount of money she spends on alcohol, gambling, or her desire to flirt even though she is married. It has been the many small things that we have ignored that has put society where it is now. Do you agree?

Our Holy Father open our eyes to what is really happening, make us strong enough to truly use our eyes to see what is being shielded from us by the devil. Help us to see what we can do in order to spare our children the pain and emptiness that the devil will bring to them. Strengthen all parents in their duties. In your name we pray. Amen

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