I started writing an article simply because I felt I needed to have one out there today (that was a mistake) since I haven’t been being as “steady” as I would like. I get busy, I don’t make the time, I put my time in other areas and countless others excuses I give myself or so I say. But there are times that I make myself write an article just to meet a commitment but it lacks the “life”.  Sometimes, when I write, not trying to toot my own horn (because it really isn’t me) but even I am moved by what I have written and it is in those instances that I realize that I am not being moved by my brain but by the hand of the Holy Spirit.

I have been spending more time with coordinating the walk that I haven’t felt called to work on the blog. I mean I have ideas that come across but sometimes they are so many that I have to rearrange them in my head because otherwise they come out all jumbled.   Right now, I am currently impressed at how God is allowing certain events to fall into place in order to get the walk to where He would want it to be.  I must remind myself that I have nothing to do with things  coming into place because it is not I that is getting it all together and I pray that I will remember that it has not been me. I want to praise God for His work and humbly receive His instructions.  God knows the needs of His children, I simply want to be there for Him.  Our Lady has set such a marvelous example of being available to God and I seek the guidance of Our Lady.

Blessed Mother, a most humble request to help us all to live our lives as you lived yours, simply to serve Our Father with all our heart and soul. To be willing to stand by and watch as Our child is inflicted with pain for the good of all mankind and not question, simply be filled with obedience in all He asks of us. Our paths may be rocky and many times hard for us to understand but we need not understand, we simply need to follow.

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