I had felt a calling to put together a very special day to honor the Divine Mercy, yet I found myself afraid to put it together, to be quite honest, I couldn’t do it by myself…this time.  I need sound religious guidance and people who had been called to represent God.  I have gotten pretty good at putting events together, knowing that my family and myself will probably be the only ones there. Yet, many times I have been surprised when we have a better turn out than expected, so putting this on without participation was not the problem….it just was that I could not do it by myself this time.

The problem, which really isn’t a problem, but simply a fact of life–was that I was encouraged to take the time putting something together, maybe for next year. And I being the world’s best procrastinator (btw, you know that is a sin, right.  I only say that because conveniently enough, I keep forgetting that it is) welcomed that suggestion. Anyway that would give me more time to plan and find interest and of course waste more time.  Even though  those were welcoming suggestions to me, I could not shake the feeling that that was not what God wanted me to do. So, I approached another person, and got the same answer. I toyed with it thinking–two out of two–that must be a sign.  Nah, couldn’t shake that feeling. So here it is, 16 days before, the scheduled day for this event and I have–NOTHING!!  AND I STILL DON’T FEEL LIKE IT IS ALRIGHT.

I can sit here and say I gave it the best try I could, yet I don’t think that is 100% true and for sure God will know what kind of effort I put into it. However, the two main things which I would need to have, a venue and priest participation, have not presented themselves. Ok, I might have an idea for the venue, and that may pan out but even if that does pan out—I still won’t have priest participation. BLIND FAITH???? Anyone know the meaning and who can differentiate, between blind faith and craziness?  What is one supposed to do??  Help if you have been there, done that.  I guess, pray, pray & PRAY.

Lord, I seek Your word, Your guidance. Seek to be Your eyes, ears, feet, and arms. I am her simply to serve YOU. Clear my vision, that I may see what You see, and that I may not stumble, procrastinate, find excuses, allow fear to overtake me, may I simply be open to Your hands. May I hold tight to Your hand and trust your guidance .

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