T.V. & What I Miss(ed)

Have I ever told you that I feel ill-equipped to be doing this and all the other areas that I feel called to do?  Therefore, I feel that I must listen to what I am being told to do and go from there, otherwise I will totally screw up. For all I know, I may be messing up already.

I have felt somethings being put on my heart to “talk” about but I am not frank enough to just lay them out there and that is why I keep skirting around the issues.There is also another reason that I avoid being frank and it is a good one; that is because I am not sure I know what I am talking about.  As I said earlier,  I haven’t paid much attention to what has been going on out there. For example, I used to watch t.v. regularly,  loved my “Modern Family” and “Cougar Town”. It was great adult humor, yet not very vulgar, for the most part women dressed somewhat modest–keeping up with fashion yet not to slutty (well occasionally) but all in all not to bad.  Well our TV broke about 2 yrs ago and I had already had it  on my heart that once the TV quit (cuz it was old) we wouldn’t replace it.  Well now that we haven’t had a TV, I can see clearer how bad it really was.

Yeah, we were good parents, only let our kids watch approved shows–yet we couldn’t control the commercials. And even though I didn’t watch my adult shows until after the kids were in bed, I didn’t realize that the words all carried down the halls and went into my little ones heads and wasn’t that just as bad ( I realized this after the TV had been gone for about a year).

I recently heard a study stating that 53% of shows geared towards young girls and most teens have some sort of sexual reference and of those 38% have content considered to be that of sexual exploitation. And since this is become acceptable, young girls who have been exposed to sexual predators believe this to be the “norm” and not something they need to report, quite the contrary, they should feel good that they are calling attention to themselves because that means they are pretty or popular. No wonder, teen abortions are so high. Imagine what your little girl has to face now and how much of it she will really share with you.

I would never have even paid attention to this study had I still been watching TV and even if I had I wouldn’t have believed it, at least not totally.  I would probably have convinced myself that I was doing a good job by limiting and keeping an eye on my kids & not really given it a second thought. 




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