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Continued Change–Different Change

I look around my life and I see–chaos.  I yearn for a change, not just any change but a true, uplifting,emotional, deep-down moving change.  How many self-help books are out there about change?  What I know, in my life, is change is temporary. Unless, you truly find that “magic pill”, you will revert to who… Read more »

Post-Pentecost Celebration

It has been a week since the celebration of Pentecost. My mind has been rushing with so many thoughts and I have had to struggle to put them in perspective. Sometimes, I get so excited that I begin to babble (I think I’ve said that before) so I have to take time to assess what… Read more »

10 Minutes a Day

Have you ever been pounded by a message over and over again until you finally say “Ok I get it”? This has been me, I have been hearing, that by taking 10 minutes a day for prayer will change your outlook on life. You may still have to deal with your fussy baby, your can’t… Read more »