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Works of God

Sometimes it is hard to be open to the works of God. We have to be sure of each of our actions and be prepared to defend them to all those around us.  Defend ourselves…the very people God made us to be…must be changed consistently to meet approval or live in disapproval.  Learning to live… Read more »

Reality Check

Now, I see clearly….on the days where I allow myself to listen to God, follow God and Do what God has set out for me….I am MOST TRULY HAPPY

Being Blessed with Children

Sometimes I wonder what God sees in me. What HE thinks I can accomplish. What does HE see in all of us?  Given–each one of us is extremely special to HIM.  He knows what each of us can and will accomplish.  Yet, when we look at ourselves, do we see the beauty He does?  Is… Read more »

Mary’s Journey — almost time

Christmas is almost here, and I don’t feel ready yet.   I wonder if Mary felt the same way? I wanted, so badly, to be able to relate to Our Blessed Mother throughout the year, especially the past nine months. Wanting to feel her joy, happiness, worry, anxiety, most especially her peace as she went… Read more »

St Gianna

Today is the feast day for St. Gianna Molla.  A great Saint for women.  She was an amazing women and she had a beautiful love for children, and it is her joy to guide any women who desires to be a mother.  Acquaint yourself with St. Gianna at Jesus, I promise You to submit… Read more »


When you have those days that you realize just how blessed you are, do you remember who is blessing you? How many days do I wake up and trudge through the day allowing myself to be annoyed by the mess the children made, the undone chores, the “millions” of errands to run…the list goes on… Read more »