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Drive by Prayers– Advent Day 17

  Prayer to Our Lady of Laus Our Lady of Laus, Refuge of sinners, look down with kindness and compassion upon the physical and moral miseries of our age! Have mercy on thy children and deign to convert us all entirely to the love of thy Divine Son! More on Our Lady of Laus

Drive by Prayers — Advent Day 16

Our Lady of Grace O heavenly treasurer of all graces, Mother of God and my mother Mary, since you are the first-born daughter of the Eternal Father and hold in your hands his omnipotence, be moved to pity my soul and grant me the graces which I fervently ask of you. Hail Mary O merciful… Read more »

Drive by Prayers — Advent day 15

Prayer to Our Lady of Good Success of Candlemas Day 3 Our Lady of Good Success, Queen of Angels, sustain us in these ill-fated times of the Church.  Grant us the perseverance in order to practice virtue only acquired by the wound of the relentless battle we fight under the most holy gaze of God.  Dear Mother, we… Read more »

Drive by Prayers — Advent Day 13

  Prayers to Our Lady of America Oh Immaculate Mother, Queen of our country, open our hearts, our homes, and our land to the coming of Jesus, your Divine Son. With Him, reign over us, O heavenly Lady, so pure and so bright with the radiance of Gods light shining in and about you. Be… Read more »

Drive by Prayers — Advent day 12

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mystical Rose, make intercession for the Holy Church, protect the Sovereign Pontiff, help all those who invoke thee in their necessities, and since thou art the ever Virgin Mary, and Mother of the True God, obtain for us from thy most holy Son the grace of keeping our faith, of sweet… Read more »

Drive by Prayers — Advent Day 11

Prayers Taught to the Children at Fatima Pardon Prayer O My God, I believe, I adore, I trust, and I love you! And I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust, and do not love you. Prayer of Reparation O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,… Read more »

Drive by Prayers — Advent day 10

Prayers to Our Lady of Giettzwald Traditional Prayer Mother of Our Lord, healer of human souls and bodies, Lady of Giettrzwald, you who blessed this place with your presence, please turn your loving eyes toward me and ask your son Jesus Christ for the favors I am in need of [mention request]. Compassionate and merciful Virgin… Read more »

Drive by Prayers– Advent Day 7

PRAYER Mary Virgin of the Poor, You lead us to Jesus, source of grace, and you come to alleviate our suffering. We implore you with confidence: Help us to folow your Son with generosity, and to belong to Him unreservedly. Help us to welcome the Holy Spirit Who guides and sanctifies us. Obtain us the… Read more »

Drive by Prayers– Advent day 6

Check out this wonderful video to help understand —This is why we are praying: The amazing miracles occurring from prayers unknown, for people unknown, in situations unknown, coming from people unknown. Our efforts may never be known to us but will touch someone. Never allow the devil to fill you with lies and doubts of… Read more »

Drive by Prayers– Advent Day 3

Remember, our Lady of LaSalette, true Mother of Sorrows, the tears which thou didst shed for me on Calvary; be mindful also of the unceasing care which thou dost exercise to shield me from the justice of God; and consider whether thou canst now abandon thy child for whom thou hast done so much. Inspired… Read more »