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Sometimes finding the desire to push yourself to do what you ought, can feel like a lost cause.  Really what good is going to do? Who really is going to benefit or for that matter miss anything I do or say?  Low self esteem? No not really just….sometimes a realistic view at your life (my life) makes you… Read more »

Jesus Is Love

John XXIII and  John Paul II  are now recognized as Saints. Being that we have just been praying the Divine Mercy and that John Paul II was a great devotee, believer, and promoter of the Divine Mercy, I thought it appropriate to include this blurb from “History records it was central to his spirituality and… Read more »

Blemishes and All

I have been reviewing some the articles and have noticed a pattern, well actually I was suspecting there was a pattern emerging and so had to take a step back and review. I can see where God has moved my heart, however I am not sure I am doing what He had in mind. I… Read more »