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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!! The one special day of the year set aside to help us to remember to be grateful!! As I sat thinking about this day, my thoughts went back to the pilgrims…who are credited with bringing us this beautiful day. Thoughts of why they got together with their “enemies” in a peaceful celebration came… Read more »

Fear and the Holy Spirit

Fear!!! FEAR!!!! Fear overtakes in small increments…. First we begin to question small things, then we begin to see bigger things, then it becomes so huge you can become paralyzed. I heard a little something the other day… the apostles were scared.  Can you imagine, you are following this great guy, who has performed miracles,… Read more »

Jesus Is Love

John XXIII and  John Paul II  are now recognized as Saints. Being that we have just been praying the Divine Mercy and that John Paul II was a great devotee, believer, and promoter of the Divine Mercy, I thought it appropriate to include this blurb from “History records it was central to his spirituality and… Read more »

Drive By Prayers — Celebrate St. Joseph

Visiting the Shrine of St. Joseph in Yarnell, Arizona was a awesome experience. We arrived there later than we had hoped. We took a few “detours” before finally arriving at our destination. As we got there the weather was beginning to change, it started to mist and soon the mist became a light winter rain…. Read more »

Day 1 Pentecost Novena

I was very apprehensive about praying this novena in public.  Once again, God was stretching my boundaries. I was happy when it was only my family, myself, and one other person. I was able to pray the novena without too much stumbling and after praying at 7:30 a.m. (Sharp–mind you), I could feel such an… Read more »