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What about anger?

Ok, so you think about  it, and you find that you are very angry, resentful, etc.. Then you realize, “hey, I am Catholic” and carrying on the Catholic tradition, you are not familiar of how to “use” the Bible.  Are you out of luck?  NO WAY!! Do you know that, we , Catholics are responsible… Read more »

Rediscover Catholicism

Today was our first local meeting for the book club however it was not well attended. I am not disappointed, I know God will bring those that need to be here in His time. I hope that some of you out there were able to get the book and maybe read at least the prologue…. Read more »

Rediscover Catholicism

Let’s share our thoughts on this great Matthew Kelly book. For anyone who is from my local area–I will be having a sit down and share Book Club in town. If you have interest contact me here. Days for the Book Club: June 5                 June 19  … Read more »