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Novena–St. Paul, The Apostle of Love–Day 9

Day 9 Special request: Devout reception of the Eucharist. Prayer St. Paul you reminded the Corinthians of the reality of the Eucharist and all that it truly is. You urged them to remember that they should examine themselves carefully and then approach the reception of the body and blood of the Lord with the greatest… Read more »

Novena–St. Paul, The Apostle of Love, Day 8

DAY 8 Special request: Prayer for a generous spirit and unity of heart. Prayer St. Paul, while on earth you were forced to say goodbye to those you loved. Now you live in the kingdom where love is the only reality and you have no more tears to shed. We ask you to be lovingly… Read more »

Novena- St. Paul, The Apostle of Love—Day 3

DAY 3 Special request: Leading lives of joy and generosity while receiving the help we need. Prayer Beloved St. Paul, help us live our lives with such integrity, purity and innocence that you will rejoice before the throne of God as you remember us in your prayers. Deepen our love, broaden our knowledge and sharpen… Read more »