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Total Consecration to Our Lady — Day 33

THIRTY-THIRD DAY  Imitation: Book 4, Chapter 11 Of The Necessity Of Communion O sweetest, Lord Jesus, how happy is the devout man who feasts at Your banquet, at which there is no other food but Yourself, his only Lover, most desired of all that his heart can desire! How deeply I long to pour out… Read more »

Consecration to Our Lady — Day 32

THIRTY-SECOND DAY  Irritation: Book 2, Chapter 7 Of Loving Jesus Above All Things Blessed is the man who knows what it is to love Jesus, and to despise himself for the sake of Jesus. You must give up all other love for His, since He wishes to be loved alone above all. Love of creatures… Read more »

Total Consecration to Our Lady — Day 31

THIRTY-FIRST DAY  Imitation: Book 4, Chapter 2 Of the Love God Shows You In This Sacrament Trusting in Your great goodness and mercy, Lord, I come as one sick to the Physician, as one thirsty to the Fountain of Life, as one in need to the King of heaven; I come as a servant to… Read more »

Imitation: Book 1– Day 29

Vanity of vanities, and all is vanity, unless you serve God and love Him with your whole heart. ( Eccles. 1:2) . The greatest wisdom of all is to seek the kingdom of heaven by despising the things of this world. Imitation: Book 1, Chapter 1 Creature comforts, that is what we work for, right?… Read more »

Total Consecration to Our Lady — Day 30

THIRTIETH DAY  St. Matthew: Chapter 27, 36.44 And they sat down and watched him, and they put over his head his cause written: This is Jesus the King of the Jews. Then were crucified with him two thieves: one on the right hand and one on the left. And they that passed by blasphemed him,… Read more »

Total Consecration to Our Lady–Day 29

TWENTY-NINTH DAY  Imitation: Book 1, Chapter 1 Of the imitation of Christ and indifference to earthly vanities He who follows Me does not walk in darkness. (John 8:12). Christ reminds you with these words that you must imitate His life, if you wish to be truly enlightened and freed from all blindness of heart. Your… Read more »

Total Consecration to Our Lady –Day 28

TWENTY-EIGHTH DAY  St. Matthew: Chapters: 26: 1; 26-29; 36-46 And it came to pass, when Jesus had ended all these words, he said to his disciples: You know that after two days shall be the Pasch, and the Son of man shall be delivered up to be crucified. And whilst they were at supper, Jesus… Read more »

Total Consecration to Our Lady–Day 27

Part IV  Theme: KNOWLEDGE OF JESUS CHRIST  True Devotion: Nos. 60-67, 183, 212, 226-265 Acts of love of God, thanksgiving for the blessings of Jesus, contrition and resolution During this period we shall apply ourselves to the study of Jesus Christ. What is to be studied in Jesus Christ? First: The Man-God, His grace and… Read more »

Total Consecration to Our Lady — day 26

TWENTY-SIXTH DAY  True Devotion: Nos. 12.38 If you wish to comprehend the Mother, says a saint, comprehend the Son, for she is the worthy Mother of God. Here, let every tongue be mute. Up to this time, the divine Mary has been unknown, and that is the reason Jesus Christ is not known as He… Read more »

Total Consecration to Our Lady–Day 24

TWENTY-FOURTH DAY  True Devotion: Nos. 152-164 This devotion is an easy, short, perfect and secure way of attaining union with our Lord, in which union the perfection of a Christian consists. It is an easy way: It is the way which Jesus Christ, Himself trod in coming to us in which there is no obstacle… Read more »