Take each day with a grain of salt

Take each day with a grain of salt.

Be suspicious of each moment, in each moment there is a chance to be good or be bad.  We have a tendency to look at our day as good or bad, yet many times we don’t look at the small decisions we made throughout  the day which bring  us to the end of our good or bad day.We forget that our lives are made up of moments, moments that can change our entire lives….,

Pray with me for a family who started a summer vacation with plans, normal camping, travel to see family, enjoy the time off plans and ended with life changing plans. Pray for the recuperation of a hard working father who suffered from a heart attack on his vacation and is now miles away from his home in a hospital, pray for his son who is on the spectrum and lost his dog due to misconduct at their boarding home (Phx) and especially pray for his wife, who has to be the strength to keep it all going through the many up and downs.  The family didn’t wake up thinking that any of this would happen, yet it is what they do with these moments that will define them. This family is getting stronger in their faith and in family. May our prayers continue to help them.

The family didn’t have much of a choice in their circumstances, but there are times when we put ourselves into situations which are not in our best interest and will not help us to be our better self.  Realizing what we could do, in a quick moment, can awaken us to small changes which will be our spiritual building blocks.

Dear God open our eyes that we may see each moment, each opportunity that will bring us closer to You.




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