Thank God!!

One of the primary goals for this blog was to share with you my walk in faith.  That is what my intent had been, however, it seems to be all scattered.   I am sure as you read the different areas of the blog, you can easily see that I am going in all different directions.

But getting back to the basics, I felt my need to share with you how my faith journey has changed me, my family, and basically our lives.  I have opened my heart and my life to God and asked Him for complete guidance.  Many days, I fail and other days I can see the approaching change.  Change is never easy and does not come with a manual, so there is never a go to…when you need it. The main reason for that is–no one’s journey is the same.

This past weekend was an awesome show in accepting all that God has in store for me, whether it is good or trying. We were out of town and we had many difficulties bombard us. Sometimes evil can be around you doing everything it can to try to make you give in to the temptations, to quit trying, to find an easier way, and standing strong can make you very weak. But as I looked back at our trying week-end, I see many amazing miracles.  It seemed all of our trials where peppered with many Miracles and Angels.

It is, however, very difficult to see this Miracles and Angels during any ordeal but once we have calmed ourselves…mind you–watch the language (ourselves) then we can look back and put the pieces together and realize how we really got to that “calm” place.

I hesitate to give you too many details of our weekend; I feel I can tell you all about what happened with me however there were other parties involved and even though they know about this site, I still want to show them the respect they deserve. However, I will give you a small snippet—the weekend involved being out of town, two cars breaking down in the middle of a heat advisory in the desert, 5 children, 2 parents, an aunt and great in-laws .  Two mysterious car problems that seemed to be easily resolved with no explanation, two different cars with three awesome “Angels” and three decent shop mechanics. One good set of friend s and short concert, all in one day (there is more but …).

Each day can be filled with trials some very small, that will chip away at the coming change others very great, where the change is immediately noticeable and for each of those and all the many to come. I want to be sure to THANK GOD, I don’t want to focus on only the good days in which it is easy to trust in God but on the hard times when trusting God is difficult, for  I believe those are the times in which God knows He can trust us to have His back.

O precious Lord and Saviour, to You I give my heart willingly. I seek that my trust in You grow each day and soon I  will not question my trust in You but know that You have total control of my  trust. Thank you God for your love. Amen


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