The Easy Life?

The devil tells us many lies and as flawed human beings we easily buy into them.

One of the many lies that we buy into is that life is supposed to be easy. Granted in this day and age, it is easy to believe that life is meant to be easy.  However, buying into the easy life is what leads many to temptation & sin. If you think about the life of many celebrities and take into account their pocketbooks and time off, you will see a link.  Yet, since the majority of people are not celebs, let’s take a look a bit closer to home.

Look around you, think about the people you know who are successful. Are they happy, on their first marriage, full or part time children, financially in harmony, would you be surprised to hear they were involved in a scandal? How about those less successful? How are there lives?  Sometimes having it easy makes life harder.

When our grandparent or more like the great grandparents were growing up they had to work hard from dusk to dawn. Their days were full of chores to accomplish and each day brought on a routine of what must be done. They were, more than likely, not rich but many worked hard to become rich. Yes, now we are benefitting from  their handwork and accomplishments and increasing the realm of their possibilities.

Personally my days go by pretty fast and even though I am very busy, I feel as if I haven’t accomplished much. I look around me and think about what I have to show for my life and think that maybe I have wasted my life. Yes, I am a happily married mother of six and life hasn’t been easy. We are not successful by society’s point of view. What I wonder though is should we have been doing more physically than mentally and if so, is that what helped our great grandparents, & grandparents have a more meaningful life? Is that why happiness was more abundant and depression not the norm.

I like living this easy life because I don’t like the idea of doing laundry by hand and washing dishes by hand isn’t the my all time favorite. Yet in these technological times it has given us “spare time” to occupy ourselves in ways that will lead us into questionable situations.  The scariest part is that our teens are watching our reactions and now they want to have it even better than we do, which means less work., less responsibilities, less commitment, etc… Where will that leave the next generation.

God help us to give our children a life full of value, moral integrity, and a desire to work harder,live stronger, and follow  YOU with more passion. We are lost in the desire to have an easy life, we forget that You lived among us and suffered for our sake.

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