The Passion ’14

The start of the passion of our Lord, our passion.

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We should find a way to share the passion with Jesus. I must remember that every stone, spitting, beating, whipping, mocking, which brought pain to our Jesus came from my own hands. I am the first to cast stones at Jesus, our Lord; the one who betrayed him, stole from him, and laughed at Him.

It was I who disrespected Mary as she shared Jesus’ heart and gave so unselfishly of herself for us. Watching with honor as her Son gave all He had once more for us—selfish sinners, that we may be cleansed and welcomed into our eternal home.

In my sinful state, I need only to seek and I will find the face of God and He will not turn away from me–no matter how badly I have sinned. It was because He faced all our sins on the way up to the cross that our sins are forgiven. Had He not seen the evil, faced the pain of our sins — oh, what kind of life would we have. I can’t even imagine a life without even the possibility of Jesus, or God.

Look around and you will see His fingerprints on everything and even those who are not sure are looking for someone to believe because God has created us to want to be with Him. Even when we do not know Him we are looking for Him. It is amazing.

May God bless you during the Holy week, may you come closer to Him in all that you do. Remember in your suffering, He too, suffered as you do and will wrap His arms around you. He doesn’t want you to feel the pain of His passion.

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