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When this world uses us; we feel–used. Let me ask you, when you feel used–do you feel good.  Personally, for me, when I realize that someone has been using me ( I’m not too, bright but very trusting) I begin to feel angry, resentful, hateful, bitter, maddened or any of the 50+ synonyms. I believe when a person feels such negative emotions, they tend to want to share –“misery loves company” kind of thing.

Well, what happens when we have 100 people in a room who are feeling used?  What kind of reaction do you think will take place? Do you imagine that all this negative energy will magically transform into positive energy?  Hey, sounds like an experiment to me; anyone want to try?

Imagine, those same 100 used people in a room together, again but this time, you put in the middle of them all–a speaker; a great motivational speaker, one whom you know has brought about change,  either in people you know or you have heard of.  Do you think these used & angry people will be willing to listen to what he has to say? How can any motivational speaker, open the ears & minds of those who are so full of anger & resentment?  Do you think it would help, if the motivational speaker was well-famed?  If only by hearing the name of this person, minds would say “hmm, I think I want to hear what he has to say, “I’ve heard he is really good & knows his stuff, people have paid a lot of money to see him”.  Where and who could you find that could help those 100 people to transform into happy, joyful, loving, giving, wealthy, healthy, & all those adjectives we wish could describe us?

There is one book out there that could be easily used to help transform even the meanest, saddest, loneliest of them all….the Bible.  One speaker who could transform you…God. You don’t even need to pay to see Him, He is right besides you now…just ask Him for help…to let go of the anger, sadness, hardships, and/or pain.  Don’t be afraid, He was willing to die for you…and no one else in this world will die for you; without any selfish reason.

Lord, we are here, where you put us–help us. Let’s us feel the peace of Your love for us. This day is Your day, all that I face, I give to You. You will help me through the hardest parts and Lord, please, don’t let us forget to dance with You, when we began to see the gifts that you give us throughout the day. Amen

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