Thoughts on a childhood without a mother

Once I began reading Motherless Mothers and looking at myself and my “attempt” at mothering my children, I realized why I felt so inadequate as a mother.

A few years back, feeling depressed and lacking in my skills as a mother that I began to realize that one of my biggest problems, in raising my children, was that I didn’t know what it was to have a “normal” childhood.    I never thought much about my childhood, I sort of just let it be…I mean what could I have done to make things different….everything was out of my control….the best I could do was be the good girl my mom would have raised…right?  No need for rebellion or questioning….for who or what.  All that it would have done was make my life harder?

The best thing in my mind was to simply let things be what they were and go on.  I didn’t see any use in reliving the sadness of losing my mother and father.  I wasn’t going change anything and it really didn’t effect my so much. Those were my thoughts however, after reading the book, I realized just how much I had been affect by the lose of my mother. I wish that I would have known or maybe taken account that I had missed out on something more than I could have every predicted.

Thankfully, now my eyes are open and God willing now I can be a better mother to my children.  How important we are as mothers. Our mothers are our foundation in so many ways, ways we may never realize.

Thank you, God for providing us with mothers and for giving mothers the gifts through the Holy Spirit to face each day with love for their children and family. Open their eyes to see that even when mothers feeling like they are failing, they will never fail as long as you are there.  May mothers seek you and keep you with them each day.

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