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I been having this thought today—kinda strange….I hesitate to put it out there but…what happens if I don’t??

Ok now for that pesky little thought. In Reality it is a Really Big thought and I consider it very eye-opening and scary.

Here goes….so I was talking to a friend I had not seen in a while, just the normal how have you been, how are things going, and the kids are getting big stuff…then after I left her, I had this thought over take me and I was filled with a feeling of melancholy.  THOUGHT—If we, without even realizing it, have set the stage for our children never to know the beauty of being a mother (or father)?

I gave birth to a premature baby girl, 12+ years ago, and as I lay in my hospital room  a day after the delivery, still with the c-section medications running through my body and my body fatigued by the stress of the whole situation. At 4 in the morning,  a nurse came to the door of my room and very coldly asked “what kind of birth control do you want?” My reaction was “huh” and once again she coldly said to to me, “what birth control do you want,  you know for NO MORE BABIES ?!”  And I in my awe-stricken state just agreed to the pill.  I had never wanted to be on the pill, I had always just wanted to take  whatever God would give me but in this state of mind and body, I just agreed.  Later on, after our daughter passed away and I had my doctors appointment, I again was forced to continue on the pill. What do I mean forced. I was told that ” if  you have another child right now, you have a high risk of having another premature baby and/or losing your life.”  Now after hearing this information and in a grieving state, what kind of thoughts are going through your head?

Our society has water down and accepted so many of the biblical principals without question.  One of them being the need to have natural family planning.  I hear of so many women out there struggling to have a child and many struggling Not to have a child.  We allow the finances, time, and society to guide us in how many, and when to have a child.  However, if we really trust in God, we know that He will provide the means to take care of these children and will provides us with just the right number of children for us.  In some cases that happens to be none, or one. And why would God choose to give you none?  I can’t answer that, I can guess that He needed you to be ready for a greater gift.


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