We had a short night’s sleep.  We had to go to the ER last night and thanks be to God, it turned out to be nothing serious.

As I say that, I am both filled with relief and thankfulness to God that my child is pretty healthy and yet, I am also filled with anxiety wondering if the ER team really did the best they could and didn’t miss something that we will regretfully find later.  Looking for that peace of mind, every parent faces after their child has been ill and is not quite themselves yet. Wondering, did we miss anything, is she going to be alright …what if……

I wonder what it takes for us to trust those around us with the faith of God?  God trusts us, he knows each of us so well and of course knows what will do and when. Could I just trust in God to provide me with the best medical attention He has to offer and accept that prognosis that we have been given is exactly what it should be?

I believe our biggest hurdles are trusting one another. In our human nature we make mistakes, forget, get ahead of ourselves, allowing our emotions to get the better of us…etc… which many times lead to rash decisions/reactions that injure peoples feelings, trust, and faith. Our lack of faith, is not so much in God, as in the creatures He has created. How do we “get over it” and learn to trust. I believe God has a plan for us which will bring together a community in peace and understanding.

Lord, in your humble heart, forgive us for not trusting in You and all those You have created to live in harmony among each other.  Help us to realize Your plans for us. May we not get in the way of all the good You have in store for us. Amen

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