Twinkies’ Saga LOL

I found this to be funny. I was looking into the fast food walk off , which happened a  a few weeks ago (I had wanted to make timely comment but ya know..tired). I jokingly put in twinkie saga as part of my research into the search engine, not thinking anything would pop up… but to my surprise–twinkie saga.  I was astounded to find this article since it would help me bring up a point.

When I heard about the supposedly “fast food strike”, I had to laugh and take a “get real moment”.  I believe that fast food workers should be compensated decently, however, we have to take a walk down into the future and see the effects. First, and I am sure many of you have already considered this, but where is the money going to come to pay fast food workers premium salaries? How much are we willing to pay for fast food convenience?  Wouldn’t you agree,we do the fast food thing not only for the convenience but also for the low prices (compared to sit down)?

Fast food restaurants where were the young high schooler would get their “spending cash” not make the mortgage. I understand things are hard and many senior citizens have had to take on jobs here, to make the mortgage, but my point is that these jobs were meant to be minimum wage.  If a high schooler takes on a job which is paying as well as or more than, say an office job, how would the “job circle” change.

Our society has seen many changes in the economy, and the many affects it has had on our teenagers lives. We are seeing so many teenagers, young adults, and even mid-life adults not be prepared to face the reality of what life is, and the many responsibilities that come with it. When does it end? Do we continue to raise the minimum wage so that our children & their children have lower expectations of themselves? And have you noticed the technology in our fast food places…you don’t even have to pour the sodas yourselves? What are we doing for our children? Maybe we need to re-evaluate the minimum wage idea?

So what about this “twinkie saga” thing.  Our beloved Twinkies had been facing their demise, and why,  do we ask?   High paid employees? Bad economics? Over-zealous unions?  Health conscious society?  Maybe all of them?

When I first heard about the “twinkie take-down”, less than a year ago,  and heard the words “union, wage increase, $21 hour, bankruptcy,” but especially “Hostess can’t afford to meet the requirements of the union”.  I knew that they were going down.  According to the above site, Hostess had 19,000 employees and the take-over company only needed 1,800.  This is saying a lot for our society, when the union is demanding $21 for even the least qualified not to mention the fact that a whole company had to close due to,  let’s say it, greedy people. Did anyone take into account how losing their jobs would help their financial future or were they only thinking about the here and now?

We all want to be paid our worth. I get that.  Yet, we must begin to have realistic goals for our pay.  Should a new fast food employee receive the same pay as an employee who has been with the company for over a year and is in a management position? I don’t think so, yet many new hires believe they should.  Why is there such a discrepancy in that thought process?  Where has the idea of working your way to the top, and earning more money with more responsibility gone?  Most are simply concerned on getting the material goods they want, and getting them now.  So many people have gotten accustomed to buying now, paying later…which has lead to having to make more money now, in order to pay for the later.  We must find a way to re-train our children, let’s face it a good portion of the population, to learning to wait and save for what they want. Working hard for the position they want and being proud when they achieve the next step.  Our society needs to remember how great it feels to be proud of hard work and responsibility.

God has provided “us”, this generation possibly this nation with so much and yet there are many with so little.  What we have gained in “wealth”, we have lost in “obedience”.  In doing so, we may have caused ourselves and our children, pain that we can’t heal without God’s mercy, strength, and grace.  He is counting on us to see the err of our ways, to run to Him, as the forgiving Father He is. He will receive us with open arms and He will aid us in repairing our mistakes, we need only ask….Help Us Dear Lord.






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