I stand on a cliff so unsure of which way to walk, seeing a fall in all directions.

God’s grace will save me, I know this.

Being hit by questions, my direction, satan calling me…in a soft whisper…cunning in his words…simple and perceived honest.

Is it not true, God ask us to put first our husbands, children, before ministry?  Is it not true, we must choose wisely where we spend out time?  Is it not true, as women, our Yes’

exceed our No’s in our obligations?  Is it not true, we can only truly hear God’s call when we are silent and listening with our hearts yet there is so much white noise in our lives; we are unable to distinguish noise from the beautiful sound of God.

On a cliff, I stand.  Waiting and wondering will I hear my Lord?  I don’t fear the fall for I know regardless of which way I walk, God will find me, and lift me up.  God will be greatly pleased with me, if I will take time to pray and listen to Him. Yet, He will never leave me.

Lord, my God, I lift my heart and spirit to you; surrendering it to Your hands. Trusting in You with all my being. Guide me. I stand here a lost child, looking and wanting her Father.


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