Until tomorrow

In the light of our eyes, we see everything so blurry. One day blurs into the next, one month becomes the next, we put off things we should do today until tomorrow, our good deeds sometimes go undone–we think of them but don’t put them into motion.  Ok, maybe I should say me instead we?  I know that this is true for me and I hope I am not the only one.

We are supposed to live like there is no tomorrow, yet tomorrow is my saving grace. Feeling like I have a tomorrow to put all my unaccomplished items on is what brings me sanity, I can’t imagine feeling like I had to accomplish everything today.  How do we prioritize our responsibilities…GOD, family (tricky…husband first or children, sometimes it isn’t a conscious decision), neighbors, work, church..in reality these all get jumbled in a  juggling act. Where and what first, if we give one more time then we have less time for the other and when one seems more important (by societal standards or even just normal reasoning) it becomes an incoherent mess.

Lord, change  me (us) to be willing to do Your most important work first, and not see through the eyes of a mere human who believes we have an unending number of tomorrows.  Tomorrow, my Lord, change my disposition to Your position, let not one more day go on with my desire for tomorrow. May I live my day for each day You have given me (us).

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