“Unworthy of Celebration”

Getting ready to walk in honor of our “angel” children and not feeling it.

I have noticed a hard hit on my spiritual and physical well-being. I seem to struggle even more as it gets closer and this year has been somewhat more difficult.  The bombardment has been strange…I mean at first I could see what was causing it, but as I continued it all begin to get fuzzy…I feel the pulling of my mind..making me wonder what it is I am supposed to do, yet I know there is much to get done.  Last year, even though I had much to face–hurdles that I saw coming at me;  this year the hurdles are not so clear yet I know they are there.

Please pray for those who are in need of healing to find a way to join the walk. The pain in my heart for so many out there who are lost not knowing how to celebrate the lives which God blessed them with. Many not even knowing that they should Celebrate those small “insignificant” lives.  Many of us have been told not to worry, there will be other children, there was a reason for your loss and the big one…it’s time to get on with your life.

Our hearts feel the emptiness of our arms, compassion can never fill them.  Each year commemorates the hole in our heart that has left us incomplete.  Our children had heartbeats some maybe for a day others for months but we are expected to forget about them simply because their physical presence was “unworthy” of a memory.  Let’s not allow ourselves to believe that our children had no worth..Let’s honor them with a spiritual celebration.

Lord, I have felt you call on me to assist You in helping to heal Your children…I most humbly ask for Your guidance.  May only Your will be done, not mine.  If I am not following You, please let me hear You and if I am following You then I know You will bring those You feel need to come.  I trust in You, my Lord.

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