Voice Your Moral Choices

How do we make our choices voices of our moral integrity?

This has been a dilemma for me. First, it was because I wasn’t even aware of  what that my choices were supporting anything…I bought Pepsi because my family did and I liked the taste over Coke. I patronized many brands and stores that I later came to know are on “blacklisted” due to the choices their corporate leaders are making.  Idea–well taken.  I mean it makes sense not to give money to individuals if they are promoting death of children, right.  I mean if someone came up to me and said “hey can you give me $10 dollars so that I can murder an innocent baby, I would scream for the police, call the fire department, or the insane asylum….someone or something that would be able to help save the life of an innocent child…, what would you do?

As I got to know more about the companies my monies where funding I could see that there is an abundance of corporations whose profits go to promote, favor, defend, comply, or otherwise collaborate  against  the ideals that I hold close to my heart.  I began to wonder if there was anywhere or anyone whom I could safely patronize?  It seems to me that there isn’t much I can do to voice my opinion on where I would like to see their profits go to.

Admittedly, some corporations are strong armed to accepting or promoting certain ideas by our government due to legal issues which otherwise could cost them a fortune. Just last year, we had Hobby Lobby asking us to pray for them due to  the Obama Care mandate, which could still cost them millions. That said, many corporations  even the ones who have a great heart are not being allowed to do what they will with their own profits which just emphasis the fact that we are all being bombarded by the evil around us.

So what can we do to–Voice our Moral Integrity?  Well, this is what I have decided to do.

In my desire to find a balance on who and how to choose places, or goods which I feel comfortable patronizing, I decided that what I would like to do is fund those “corporation” or buy those goods which at least have some kind of moral integrity, like say Costco. Why Costco?  Well I have researched and found that Costco still values their employees and let’s face it, that is what all comes down to.  I mean, we all have to work and we all have to get paid and we all have to shop, why not promote a corporation that is still willing to place a value on family life and is willing to pay their employees above minimum wage and  provide great benefits? In the long run that is what will help all of us. Wouldn’t it be great if we had more employers who would value US, as people, as family. There is no way we are going to change every employee, nor what their beliefs are but we can do the Catholic thing and embrace and slowly evangelize those we work with. The other thing I do is promote those who are intentionally doing their best to bring about Catholic/Christian changes through evangelizing through the media, such as movies. One great movie out right now is “Mom’s Night Out” which is produced through a Christian film agency.  If you haven’t seen it, it is a great family film, funny and touching. Our voices need to be heard and we must find ways to quietly but firmly shout our beliefs. It is not only in our best interest but in the interest of all.

God, please help us to change those around us through our efforts to be more like You.  Our work, here, is to follow in Your amazing footsteps, even though we are unworthy servants, You, however have chosen us to be Your work. God bless and strengthen those who are fighting the good fight.


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