Walking with Mary

I continue to be awe-stricken by Our Blessed Mother’s walk.  Before she was ever considered “blessed” she had to face the stares and rumors which, more than likely, hurt her. Yes, she was living a life of faith but no one (except Elizabeth) knew it.  She would be just about 8 weeks or so, maybe the slightest bulge . People looking at her and wondering…wondering is she eating too much or ….???

Jesus, would now be just about fully developed–at 8 weeks old–his respiratory system just about finished. His eyelids & little ears, already taking a familiar shape, already starting to move in the womb. His little hands just moving around, he would already be able to hear some sounds from outside the womb and may even get startled by loud noises.

What could Our Blessed Mother be thinking right now?  Had she told her mom yet?  Do you think her mother’s reaction would have been such as Elizabeth’s?  Would she be preparing herself to tell her Father? Joseph?  At 8 weeks, the reality should have hit her…missing one period, makes you wonder but missing two you are pretty sure.  Isn’t it weird by the time you are 100% sure that you are pregnant, that little angel in your belly is almost already formed.  Almost perfect.

Wow, how might Our lady have felt?  I know, for me, by the time I was sure I was pregnant so many thoughts had already gone through my head, some good and some not so good. Each pregnancy was different, yet on each one I questioned if this was the right thing?  Was I ready? How was this going to change my life? What was I going to have to give up?  What choices did I really have?  These  are all very personal questions that must be answered only by us. But for me, this was a life–a gift.  A gift that would change my life, a gift I would give my life for and a miracle that would fill my life with love until the end of time.

Lord, heal and prepare all those women who are now getting to know their blessed angels.   Help them in facing the battles of their minds, we know that it is easy to allow temptations, questions, and fears to take over.  We know You will help them face all of them if they will just ask.  InYour name we pray.

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