Welcome to God’s Will Foundation!!

I am so happy to have you here and to know that you,too, wonder what God’s Will is for your life.

Maybe you have tried every self-help book on the shelves but you still find yourself feeling empty, sad, depressed, and wondering if this is all life has to offer. Maybe, you have made it big, good career; a life worth envying yet you still haven’t satisfied that emptiness deep inside. Why? What is wrong with you? Or maybe you have done everything that your church taught you was right to do, but you didn’t even know why you were doing what you were doing, and you felt like you were just moving from one thing to the next; constantly thinking , if you just gave more or volunteered for something different. 

Admitting that you want more for yourself than what you already have is the Holy Spirit moving you to grow with God and to be ready to accept the beauty that He has in store for you.

The one thing you might have forgot was to listen, and learn from God’s words and His example through Jesus. 

“Be still and know that I am God, Psalm 46:10”

Simple instructions, why do we get wrong?


Let’s see, first off “Be still” hum, that is not at all the American way of life.  We are expected to be “going” somewhere “doing” something all the time–being productive. Productive, in whose eyes? Then we have “know that I am God”, how many people are eager to have a “boss” on their own time? Out of curiosity, how many of you who choose not to have  a “boss” on your own time, are happy with where you are? Maybe having someone help you with your day to day decisions wouldn’t be so bad. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who understood you, whose love is unconditional and where you could turn to anytime of the day or night?

Maybe it is time that you took those simple instructions to heart. Allow God to lead you in all you do.


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