What about anger?

Ok, so you think about  it, and you find that you are very angry, resentful, etc.. Then you realize, “hey, I am Catholic” and carrying on the Catholic tradition, you are not familiar of how to “use” the Bible.  Are you out of luck?  NO WAY!!

Do you know that, we , Catholics are responsible for the current existence of the Bible.  Not trying to sound all smart or better than any other religion but if you research it (which I didn’t btw, but Matthew Kelly did www.matthewkelly.org) you will notice that monks hand wrote each copy  of the Bible in the good ol’ days before copiers. Therefore, since copies of the Bible were hard to come by, how did Catholics get by? [Just in case you were unaware, Catholicism was the first “religion”, something I recently found out.]

Well, we Catholics are not accustomed to “reading” the bible but what we are accustomed to is “living” the bible.  What does that mean?  Well, if you are having a hard time getting into the bible and just don’t know where to start, go to church.  Ok, so maybe you all ready go to church and still this bible thing escapes you (it did me).  Well, in the good ol’ days before bibles were easy to get, people learned what the bible said by listening to the priest. The priest would tell them stories or just read from the bible and discuss the meaning, sort of the same as what happens now the only difference is they didn’t have another option.

Begin to listen to the Gospel, as it was your only choice. Leave the church ready to Live the gospel. Practice what you heard preached. Make minute changes in your day to day life and before you know it, you will have that joy in your heart that has escaped you for so long. Your anger will transform, not magically or overnight, but keep trying and don’t give up. It will not be easy but it will happen.  Btw, obviously, this is not a Catholics only thing, anyone can transform from the angry, resentful into a beautiful, joyous, loving person, as long as they let God in.

Holy Father, through your divine grace, we accept our anger and surrender it to You. It is only through You, that we will be transformed. Change us into the beautiful,peaceful,people You have created us to be.

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