What is up with the IOUS’s

Where are we with the government IOU’s?   I am afraid that people are going to get tired of playing hard ball and are going to give in.  But what is at stake if we fold? Yes, we will get paid, get the government back on track (if the track is going off the side of the mountain) people will start getting “what they want” (or at least the president will). However, the reality is that those who started playing hard ball will get want they want and we will get what we “deserve”.  Why do you think that a person who was only looking at the obamacare plan on his computer, then stopped because he wanted to think about it received a threat within 24 hours which indicated that unless he picked a plan, he would receive a $4000 fine?

Our “needs” are not going to be meet, however, many pockets will be lined.  We need to think about what we are really signing up for…right now things look hard because we are thinking short term….how long before we can’t make the mortgage payment, what if we lose the car, what if we have to eat ramen noodles for a month?  What if we work 40 hours a week at our current job, receive our current pay, but now have to pay $1000 for obamacare?  How different will it be?  Which will you prefer?  What if we have to work overtime just to be able to eat ramen noodles?

Help us Lord to be strong. To stand up for You and all You have given us. Open the eyes and hearts of our leaders.

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