Win battles

We are getting closer to the day of Resurrection!! Because Our Lord sacrificed Himself for us, we have eternal life.  Eternal life!! Can you imagine eternal life?

I am not sure I can imagine 100 years of life. Living to be 100 years, sounds overwhelming to me. Granted both my parents died at a relatively young age, 48 & 63? And personally I am getting close to being middle age and already I feel the  wear and tear on my body, mind, and soul. However, as of late, I have decided that much of the wear has been put on by me allowing the ideals of society get in the way.  But, putting a stop to that never ending circle can be an extreme spiritual workout. I know (if I am honest) the wealth that I have, yet I strive for acceptable wealth.  Acknowledgeable wealth. My wealth is far greater than any amount of money can buy.

I have found my true love, my unending passion,  my best friend, the answer to all my questions, concerns, and suffering. He has given my everything I have ever wanted and more. His generosity has been unmatched in all things. He is with me through thick and thin. I want for nothing.  And in this wealth, I want more???!!! How can this be??? When one is given all that is desired, how can you even think about wanting more?  More for who? To gain what? Selfish nature??!! How in the midst of God can satan still show his ugly head? Can we ever be strong enough to face the temptation and win?

Lord, we win some battles yet we lose so many more.  How can this be? You are so wonderful to us, why do we continue to batter You, just as those who scourged You in Your passion?  Make us strong that we may win most battles. May we refuse to scourge You or throw rocks at You for the sake of others comfort. Help us to stand strong in Your defense. You, who defend us to the bitter end. Thank you my Lord.


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