Women’s hearts

Women’s hearts

Women’s hearts are amazing, they are made to love, give, care, break, mend and forgive.

We are complicated, we function differently than men and our bodies are meant to be different, so it should not be a surprise when it comes to heart problems, our symptoms are different than mens. In my opinion, the difference is not only due to the our physical differences but also from our intuitive differences.  Women, I believe, have been granted intuitive powers so that they can be prepared to provide for those they care for.  With these intuitive powers we have for centuries been able to “feel” when others may be in danger, need our help, and  mostly when our children need caring.  Our intuitive “powers” are not only good for those we care for, but also to care for ourselves.  When we are in touch with our bodies, we are also know “intuitively ” when something is not right.

All this blah blah, just to share with you that I, recently, found myself in the ER due to a “heart attack scare”. Yes, I had a luxurious one night stay at the hospital, having test run on me every four hours, in an effort to find out what was causing my symptoms.  I am very grateful for a great hospital staff who helped rule out a heart attack in prompt fashion….which I am so very grateful to hear… but I am still wondering what was happening to my body?  Yes, I am extremely grateful for ruling out any type of heart issue, gallbladder issue, cholesterol issue,  and  everything that it was not!!   Yet, I am left wondering why, my body was so out of whack?  Please, however, if you feel questionable and you feel it is your heart….please go right on in to the ER, time is of the greatest essence in saving your muscle.  I hesitated going because my symptoms where vague, in my mind, but after looking up some facts on the internet and seeing the vast amount of variables when it comes to women’s hearts, I decided I’d better be safe than sorry. Because of the vast difference in symptoms from women to women, I feel that it is our intuitive nature that is responsible for the varying range of symptoms.

We trust our intuition when it comes to helping others, we must also give it credit for telling us what is wrong within ourselves…one of the greatest issues, I believe, is the lack of time we spent by ourselves…meditating and praying.  A good 10 minutes a day would do great wonders….I must once again get into this habit.

We are made to follow the image of Our Blessed Mother, be filled with the joy and love of Jesus that we may spread His word through example. In my mind, I can see Our Blessed Mother, feeling the pain, the loneliness, and sadness  Our Beloved Jesus must have felt as He went about HIs mission.  May we, too, allow ourselves to feel those emotions with Our Lord.

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