Workation? Is that even a word? Is it even possible?

Opportunity, as I tell my children, rarely knocks twice.  That’s why when you hear a knock, you don’t just walk to the door, you get up and walk quickly with all your wits about you and answer that door with your best foot forward.

Opportunity came knocking at my door recently and I opened the door wide.  Accepting the opportunity, knowing my many different responsibilities , I thought I can make this work.  Home schooling comes with the advantage of schooling anywhere you want. Blogging is also portable…or so I thought. Unfortunately, I have found the hotel we are staying at (a military base) isn’t hip to WIFI yet, which has not made my blogging as easy as I thought.  Where does the workation come in? Well, I also saw this as a great opportunity to connect in a few “programs”  I am currently working on.

Even though, I thought I prayed about the opportunity well enough and felt a peace with going through with everything, I find myself facing different “road blocks” in the many things on my “to do list”.  Yet, I feel that the challenge to work through the “road blocks” brings with them even more opportunities in gaining knowledge and God willing, faith.

Already, I am falling behind in one of the main things I felt called to accomplish this year.  Feeling called to offer Drive by Prayers each month instead of waiting for special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, etc.. I believe, if nine days a month isn’t too much to ask to save the lives of tiny souls, this was supposed to start on Jan 14…oh that is today. Yep, finally able to connect and it is seems to me that I should have found a better way to make this happen. Opportunity isn’t supposed to mean, doing less, or finding excuses not to do what you where meant to be doing. It is taking the time to be better in the many ways God is calling you. However, excuses and finding ways not to be the best you can be have overtaken our society and I am not immune.  I pray God will find mercy and strengthen  me in my weakness.

Lord, we are falling short in our abilities. You have given us an abundance of gifts, such as we have even began to touch the tip. Please guide us, strengthen us, assist us, and in Your loving way bring out the best in us.


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