Worthy ?? Yes You are!!

When Our Lord calls us to participate in life, we must jump in with both feet.

Hesitation is our nature.  We want to have answers and be prepared.  However, listening, as we have established, is doing and trusting.  Far be it from me to be an example of such a strange concept.  Not, I.  I have been stuck because of this very predicament.  I have been busy trying to find ways to make everything come together, so that meant finding means to create what I thought was necessary to provide an “environment” suitable for what I felt I needed to be doing.  Or rather, truthfully, I was NOT doing what I should have been JUST DOING.

In my humanness, my womanly thoughts, I found myself being hard on me, my gifts, my body, my unpreparedness, my lack of lack of lack.  YES, I DO LACK!  I AM INCOMPLETE!! I AM UNPREPARED!! I AM UNWORTHY!! YET,  IN THIS UNDERSERVING STATE IS WHERE MY FATHER HAS FOUND ME– COMPLETED ME— PREPARED ME– FILLED ME AND

 Y E S



God, we know and forget at our convenience, that HE is all knowing.  Knows the end from the beginning, knows each of us individually,  LOVES each of us individually, as we are.  We do NOT have to wait to be perfect to come to HIM, in HIS eyes we are perfect in our imperfection.

Heavenly Father, may we come to you in our imperfection, sinfulness, and unworthy knowing Your arms are open to us. You will complete us. Find us and fulfill us in Your perfect ways.  God, Our Father, pull us closer to You.

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