You Are Magnificent

With heartfelt desire I seek the beautiful souls of innumerable children who will fill our lives with every prayer we make each day such as in drive by prayers or through the many prayer groups who tenaciously pray without even knowing whose lives they change.  Bless You All for not giving up, for pushing forward, possibly never knowing what a magnificent change you are making.

Our prayers have power, powers to change the temptations around all of those around us…far and near. The power to bring down the devil in every lie he tells, and every soul he tries to take.

God is our powerhouse; where we get our strength to pray…where we get our inspiration to pray….our motivation to continue to pray even when we feel discouraged…our reason to pray … and our rest in prayer.

Prayer can move mountains…yet sometimes it can take hours, days, years, decades, and even centuries however Our God knows the pure desires of our hearts and will deliver an answer in His time.

God, You answer our prayers in the most amazing ways. Ours is not to know but to continue with blind faith in Your powerful love. Bless all those prayer warriors out there who are praying for your children, continue to feed them Lord, that they may not grow weary or discouraged. May their prayers fly to You and their words be worthy of Your ears.

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